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LILAC PARTNER INTERNSHIP: Energy Vision Sustainable Urban Transport

*Please do not apply to this opportunity via handshake. Apply via the link provided*

Internship Summary for Summer 2018 

Background on Energy Vision (EV): Founded in 2007, EV is a New York City-based national environmental organization. Through research, analysis, and advocacy, EV promotes the deployment of commercially viable and pollution-free renewable energy and fuel strategies that will be required for a sustainable future. Energy Vision was launched by a staff team with two decades of recognized expertise in the alternative fuels arena. Its research is widely used by government, environmental and business leaders alike in the US and abroad. 

The Focus of EV’s Current Research: Energy Vision’s primary focus since 2009 has been the expanded use of clean fuels for US buses and trucks. While trucks and buses make up only 4% of all on-road vehicles in the U.S., they consume 23% of vehicle fuel, so their conversion away from diesel fuel can significantly reduce US petroleum dependence.   

Now more than ever, the heavy-duty transportation sector has the impetus and capacity to transition away from diesel fuel to petroleum-free alternatives. One emerging option with immense potential is a renewable form of natural gas obtained not by drilling, but by collecting the “biogases” that are emitted by decomposing organic wastes: food, yard and other organics discarded by municipalities, businesses and agricultural operations.  

This new fuel, called “biomethane” or “renewable natural gas” (RNG), requires no drilling. Its use produces virtually no health-threatening emissions. Further, over its lifecycle (including its production and use), RNG is the lowest carbon fuel commercially available today. In fact, when it is produced from dairy manure or separated food waste in specialized tanks called “anaerobic digesters,” RNG can even be net-carbon negative. This is because producing the fuel involves the capture of more greenhouse gases (which would otherwise escape into the air with a potent climate-changing impact) than are generated when the fuel is burned in a vehicle. 

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Internship Overview: Sustainable Urban Transportation

Energy Vision is looking for one to two interns for 8-10 weeks (30-40 hours/week) this summer to do research (online, phone interviews, site visits, etc.), writing and outreach on sustainable urban transportation solutions, including RNG use in transit and refuse fleets, plus a look at hyper-local solutions such a pedi-cabs and micro waste hauling networks using electric bicycles. 

The intern will receive an orientation on this topic with reading materials and discussion with EV Founder Joanna Underwood (BMC ’62) and EV President Matt Tomich (HC ’08), who will oversee this work. The intern will initially be included in calls and meetings arranged with companies and other information sources to develop interviewing skills and hear the kinds of questions that arise. The intern will then be prepared to proceed independently, with input and oversight from key EV staff. 

This research will cover the operational aspects of projects, obstacles and issues that confront them, the environmental benefits and the business case(s). This research will also serve as the foundation for written case studies that will be posted to our website and publicized through various media outlets. These case studies will continue to play a major role in our education, outreach and policy initiatives, to show the growth of this new “green fuel” industry and the multiple economic and environmental benefits that each project provides.  

Energy Vision is seeking rising juniors or seniors (exceptions can be made) majoring in physical sciences, political science, economics or urban studies who are effective communicators and good analytical writers. Qualified candidates must have, in addition, a real interest in learning about clean energy and transportation.  


For More Information, Contact:


Matt Tomich, President

Energy Vision

138 E. 13th Street

New York, NY 10003

Tel: 212.228.0225

  *Please do not apply to this opportunity via handshake. Apply via the link provided*